7 July 2010

John Russakoff's 2010 Trueno

Everyday I have a quick run through what’s fresh over on Speedhunters and spotted this stunning Trueno. I did a bit of looking into it and it turns out to be John Russakoff's new car. John's a US driver who used to compete in Formula D in his previous corolla, the well known sky blue Trueno..


Well his new car is just as savage. Featuring the increasingly popular S2000 F20c Engine Conversion it sure does rip it up!


A true Wheel Whore will first off have to pick their chin off the floor as they will have noticed the new TE37V's up front. I'm jealous, and I’m sure you are too!

I personally love his new car, nice clean lines, simple not over the top aero, good wheel fitment & ride height and what I should imagine is an awesome high revving F20c Setup.

After a bit of research I also found out John runs his own company JSPFAB and makes some real nice products for different corolla engine conversions so his site is worth checking out if you’re looking at SR'ing or F20c'ing your Corolla.



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