20 April 2014

Spot Check: Soul RC

A few weeks ago I found myself in Northampton for work and never having been to the area much before other than passing through to head to Santa Pod, I was at a loose end for plans in the evenings. After a post on Facebook, I was made aware that Soul RC were within ten minutes of my hotel!

Pulling up to the shop in a quiet industrial estate, I was quite excited. I've only seen limited coverage of RC drifting on some of the bigger international websites so was keen to see what the UK could bring to the table. And I can confirm, it has been brought!


I've not really been too clued up on the RC car scene for a long time but after visit to see James and Mitto in their new business venture, I was blown away.

Walking through the door you're firstly greeted with a view of the huge indoor circuit, which changes every so often to keep things interesting. When I arrived Mitto was in the middle of changing the layout, all the scenery is added once the layout is finalised.


The level of detail on the circuit is great, with scale obstacles which wouldn't be out of place out on a real touge.


The shop section contained every conceivable part you could need or desire. Most of the products are scale'd down versions of real wheels and kits, with the level of detail you could achieve being mind-blowing.


The cars themselves are adjustable in every way a real car would be too. Camber, castor, anti-roll bars, differentials ect. This is an ideal medium to get involved in, in order to understand the effects that changes do to a cars chassis and handling.



Mitto's personal car has been well used and would be right at home out on the streets late at night.


This one of James' car he's currently building up, a Levin coupe with N2 arches. Let's hope he paints it in period TRD colours too.



James and Mitto have worked really hard and it shows. Even though I visited on an evening they were closed, the whole place had a really great atmosphere and I can see Soul RC going from strength to strength and I left wanting to buy my own kit.

I was so impressed that this may well be the location for this years Annual Gathering.. but more on that soon ;)

If you are ever passing through Northampton be sure to stop by to support Soul RC and also check out their slick website: SOUL RC Homepage

13 April 2014

Japanese Nostalgia...

Take three minutes out of your day today to watch this. That is all.

2 April 2014

Privateer: Taka Aono + The Flying 86...

What seems like quite a while ago Flying Boy Films released a preview of something they had been working on, a documentary about the career of Taka Aono.

It's taken a while but the wait has been well worth it. I'm typing just after watching it and I've been struggling to find a word which describes the feeling which has overcome me. The best way for me to describe it is "proud."

I've never had the pleasure of meeting Taka, but in my eyes he epitomises the Corolla lifestyle: A close knit group of people who share a bond, a brotherhood. We all understand the struggle in keeping an old car on the road, with parts becoming more rare and prices becoming more extortionate. Against all odds he has persevered where others have given up and taken the easy route. This may not give him the podium finishes that most will seek, but it has earned him respect. Thats something a 800 horsepower V8 won't get you.

Please do take the time to sit and watch this, as well as share it with everyone you know, because if it can in any way draw attention to his drift program that can only be a good thing.

PRIVATEER: Taka Aono + The Flying 86 [Documentary] from Flying Boy Films on Vimeo.


3 March 2014

9000 likes on Facebook later....

Who'd have thunk it?

On 19 July 2011 we started the new page after Facebook had a brief moment which meant posts and replies weren't showing.

While in the grand scheme of things in Facebook pages terms, 9000 fans is minimal compared to some other pages with hundreds of thousands. But The Corolla Brotherhood isn't some big organisation with dozens of employee's... its a couple of guys who like old Toyota's. That's pretty much it. We are one of you guys, slaving away underneath your cars, night after night. No reward other than the prospect of sitting in the drivers seat and going for a drive.

I've never found another group of owners who are as widespread as you all, yet so closeknit. There is a bond between all of us, and by carrying on with the blog and Facebook page I'm glad we've managed to strengthen that bond. We may not all speak the same languages or have the same idea of what looks good and what doesn't, but we will always be a Brotherhood. But let's not forget the small but equally dedicated Sisters who keep their Corollas alive!

It has taken a bit longer than I would have liked, but I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Corolla Brotherhood Forum! It's still in its infancy, so I ask that you be patient as we go through some more trial and error but for the most part, it's ready! Remember, we all have day jobs, so may not get to moderate it as quickly as you or I would like, so exercise some common sense and respect for your fellow enthusiasts.

Myself and the other moderators don't have time to give warning after warning, so I'll keep it simple. DON'T BE A DICK. If you are, you get banned. This forum is for likeminded people from the UK and around the world to share knowledge and share their story.

Once you register, give it a day or two for one of us to activate your account and then introduce yourself, post up your project and anything else that may be of interest.

Thanks guys (and girls) for your support, it means a lot and I'm looking forward to what the next year will bring.

Here's the link to the forum CLICKY . It can also be accessed from the Corolla Brotherhood blog page.


23 February 2014

The eagle has landed..

After all that wait, the car has arrived!

It's cleaner than I could have imagined, with only a tiny rust scab on the sunroof skin. Won't be able to drive it for a little while yet. Need to get it MOT'd, registered, tax and insured which isn't cheap. Also needs four new tyres.

But I'm happy! The amount of service history that came with the car was also staggering. I'll get a few photos of it and post them up soon.

Gave the car a quick wash in the freezing cold wind but plan on giving it a proper clean if we get a warm day soon.

I am now at the point where I'm unsure as to whether I want to fit the wheels I've ordered (14x8.5 -13 and 14x9 -19 Watanabes) as it would mean flaring the arches which are really clean. I've paid for the wheels and the arduous 3 1/2 month wait for them to ship is nearly over. Most people would shudder at the thought of doing that to a tidy car but at the end of the day, I intend to keep the car for a long time and I'll be doing some modifications to enhance the drivability and looks. Decisions, decisions....

AE86 Arrival 001

AE86 Arrival 002

AE86 Arrival 003

AE86 Arrival 004

AE86 Arrival 005

AE86 Arrival 006

AE86 Arrival 007

AE86 Arrival 008

AE86 Arrival 009

AE86 Arrival 010

AE86 Arrival 011

17 February 2014

Beams powered AE86 at Mondello...

This last weekend a trackday took place over at Mondello in Ireland. Mannix Lacey sent us this video of him ripping up the track so it would be rude not to share it! - Chay

16 January 2014

Round 3, a new challenger emerges!

While some things like bad events come in 3's, Lionel Richie may beg to differ. And in my case, some good things happen in 3's too.

After speaking to Paddy at JDMAuctionWatch for a few weeks and eyeing up some potential candidates in the auctions, this specific car kept coming up. It never met the reserve which was higher than my maximum so I never gave it much thought. However on the most recent occasion the car popped up, the decision to put a bid in was made. 

Waking up the next morning to see that we had won the car put a huge smile on my face. We knew the car was clean, but not much else other than it was very stock. After getting a friend to translate the auction sheet, it developed that the car had 163 thousand KM, only one owner from new and the car came with evidence of services and registration for the duration of its life! This is almost unheard of nowadays, with most AE86's passing through as many as 10-20 owners throughout their near 3 decades since production.

A few days after the auction was won, the car was transported to the agents yard where I received the photos below. Now the agonising wait has begun, with me checking the ship location on a daily basis, with the ship currently sat off the coast of Mexico.

I've already started amassing parts for the car, but make no mistake, the originality of the car was a big drawcard. Any parts removed from the car will not be sold on, but rather labelled and boxed so that the car can be returned to stock condition in the future again. The car currently only has 13in Watanabes and an aftermarket exhaust, which I believe to be a HKS one. From the factory it came with Aircon, power steering, electric mirrors and a sunroof, which will make it a great car to use daily in summer.

The car will not be as hardcore as my previous N2 Trueno, but will see both road and track/drift use. In anticipation of this, I have so far purchased two seats (more on these later as they have some neat history) and a rebuilt TRD 2Way LSD, fitted with thicker clutch plates and a 4.7 ratio to go in. On the way from Japan in the next few weeks hopefully are my new wheels, 14x8.5-13 and 14x9-19 RS Watanabe wheels in gold. In the next few weeks I will hopefully have sorted coilovers and RCA's, with an adjustable panhard rod being made by Neil over at Driftoy.

Anyway, onto the photos.. I will hope to keep a build thread updated for this car both on the blog and the various forums:

AE86 001

AE86 002
AE86 003
AE86 004
AE86 005
AE86 006
AE86 007
AE86 014
AE86 013
AE86 012
AE86 015
AE86 016
AE86 017
AE86 019
AE86 018
AE86 022
AE86 024
AE86 025
AE86 023
AE86 020
AE86 011
AE86 010
AE86 009
AE86 008

More soon....


27 October 2013


    With a few months delay... here is a selection of pictures taken during the Porto Historic Grand Prix.

    Team Caetano Racing KP61

    Kremer Porsche

    Formula 3

   Pedro Alves, TCR driver and national celebrity, part of a very famous portuguese comedy duo and big          Toyota collector, from AE86s to TA22s, he's had them all!

    The Starlet's interior. Been trying to photograph this car in detail for ages, but it seems to be very elusive.
    Last time I visited TCR the little 3K engine was going through some extensive work.

    Track map
I can't end this feature without apologizing to all the Corolla Brotherhood followers for the lack of updates recently, between working on our cars and juggling our day to day lives, there's is few little time to dedicate to the blog. As you may have noticed our image suffered a revamp and we hope to focus a bit more updating the blog with what went down in the summer, now that the rainy days are here. Stay tuned y'all!
    Jonny Fraga