14 July 2010

KE Pic of the Day 14th July!

Here's a great pic found on the Driftworks forum.
The KE used be owned by Tetsujin (Adam) from the Driftworks forum and was a Corolla DX that had the complete AE86 running gear swap. Running a 16v 4AGE and rolling on some great SSR Mesh Rims.
A fantastic KE and i believe it was sold and went to Ireland, but haven't seen much of it lately. Let's hope it's still around!


The project started life as a one Lady owner 25K genuine mileage beauty and progressed into what you see above.
The shell was stripped down back to the metal and treated to some red oxide and new sealant, a fair few coats of Stone chip protective paint on the complete underside of the car. Rear axle & Suspension was swapped from a doner AE86 and the rear suspension was upgraded to TRD Blue 8 way adjustable shocks & chopped springs. The front end was swapped from a standard UK DX front to the Early JDM quad lights (See a previous post The KE Story for details on these variants!) The standard Brake & Clutch rubber hoses were replaced with nice Braided versions. The arches were rolled to ensure good fitment when lowered properly. AE86 Coilover suspension was fitted up front, but with Starlet KP60 Adjustable top mounts as they are a direct fit to KE suspension flitch's. A lot of work went into this car, and the result's show in the above picture. But if you fancy checking out Adams original build thread drop by the Driftworks forum...
Tetsujin's KE70 Project

Maybe someone knows the new owner and can give us an update of how the car is currently?!!


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