28 July 2010

Pic of the Day 28th July - Woahhh Black Betty Bamalam

If you've only been into Corollas for a few months, or you are a true veteran of the Hachi roku way of life you will have heard about this car. This is Black Betty. Betty started life as a UK Corolla GT owned by a long time Connoisseur of the AE86, Rob May.
Slowly over the years it has turned into an absolute beast and i my eyes THE best corolla in the country. The incredible spec list is matched with fantastic body styling and must be seen to be believed!
Rob doesn't drift his Corolla like the rest of People in the UK with 86's. But he chooses to blast his Corolla GT up Hill's in different Hill Climb series & also competes in various sprint's and some of the UK's Circuits.
I am hoping to tag along to one of his upcoming sprints so i can bring you lot some more pictures & a nice bit about the spec! But for now here's today's pic of the Day, Enjoy

If you want to read more about Black Betty, visit the great eight-six forum for a detailed project thread from start to finish.


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