12 August 2010

Guest Blog - Team Nightspirit's Kenny Lam

Hi there, my name is Kenny Lam and I’ve had quite a few RWD cars in the past 10 years which included 7 Corolla Levin’s, a KE70, a few JZX90’s, a Soarer and the latest JZX100 Chaser.


I was first introduced the name AE86 sometime before Y2K by a friend of a friend who had always owned one since the 1980's and since then, I asked him to keep his eye open and find me one. In winter 2001, a phone call from my friend and he said he found me one in Cornwall, it's was late spec 1987 Levin in Red over black and somehow very rare full black interior. It's been parked up for over 2 years before it retired from a road rallying event. I've fallen in love with it at first sight and this one was the longest I've ever owned a Corolla which was nearly 6 years.


The long hours driving it home that night was unforgettable with it pouring down with rain and being my first RWD car. The same night when I got it home the internet search go on, and that's where really change my life, as I came across a US base forum called club4ag and soon become a member and start looking for information and asking questions. As one question I would never forget was "Is there anyone here from UK??”


I wasn't expecting an answer but there were few guys who did reply and those were our very own UK Corolla guru Paz and a strange polite guy called Jay and that's where the story really began with the Three letters "T N S". Team Night Spirit

To be continued...

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