26 August 2010

The Mallory Park Drift Extravaganza!

“Well I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand”

I knew it was going to be an awesome day when Voodoo Chile Slight return came on the radio while on the way to Mallory Park and my god was I right!

I had been planning on attending this day for while but completely forgot to get the day off work so with a last minute spot of begging to the Boss I was on my way. I arrived mid morning with Nightspirit Drift Family brothers Jay, Paz & Kenny to the sound of SR’s, RB’s & JZ’s redlining around us and things were well underway. We pretty much unloaded all the stuff and went straight out to abuse some tyres!

I went out with Kenny in his stunning JZX100 Chaser first and man does that thing rip. Ken’s JZX has to be seen to be believed. It is the tidiest chaser I’ve ever seen, but Ken isn’t scared of clutch kicking the hell out of it and Tuesday was certainly no exception. After 5 or 6 laps we pulled in, chilled for a bit and went straight back out again! The Mallory drift day is perfect for this, no cue’s, a brilliant chilled atmosphere and everyone is there for one reason alone. Popping some sweet skids!

I then took a trip out with Brother Paz in his dirty Neesan. Years of driving the hell out of a corolla has turned Paz into one of the best Drifters in the UK and taking a trip around Mallory Park in his S14 was one seriously awesome way to spend a Tuesday morning. Paz was driving the thing like it was a Corolla and I hope I speak right for him here in saying that I think he was enjoying it!

After spending the morning having a rip around the track I figured it best be time to go get some photos. I met up with Corolla Brother and Drifted.com contributor, Ian Gratton who was incredibly helpful with some drift photography advice and also incredibly kindly lent me his 70-200mm L Series Lens to play with. We set off straight to Gerard’s Corner, probably the most famous corner on the track within the Drift community right now and boy did it pay off.

I learnt so much from spending those few hours catching shots of all the drivers who attended the day throwing themselves around Gerard’s at stupid speeds and angles and hopefully it shows in my photos.

As for Mallory Park, it has to be one of the best venues for Drifting in the UK. It has everything from the high speed 3rd and 4th gear entries of Gerard’s, to the tight chicanes of Stapleton’s, Edwina’s & John Cooper Esses and the hair raising left hander, The Devil’s Elbow. It accumulates into a seriously good Circuit suitable for any Driver looking to enjoy their car. I for one cannot wait to get my Corolla to one of these Drift days and I hope I will be taking photos of some Corolla’s Next time instead of all these Nissans!

It was probably the best Drift day I’ve ever been to, with such an awesome atmosphere, constant drifting and a breathtaking circuit it is a recipe for success. Be sure to book yourself on the next organised Drift day to keep Mallory Park Drifting alive!!



  1. wicked stuff James.

    It was an amazing day and you captured the kung fu spec action round Gerrards real nice.

    One of my work buddies turned up to have a look about and he was blown away. He is a big pretrolhead and he loves the grassroots stuff - motorsport for the people. What a place to whitness drifting for the first time.

    Thanks again so much for the wiring loom as well man. The Toyonda loves you long time.

  2. thanks ian.
    I had an awesome day, partially because of the awesome drifting and partially because i think i starting to get used to the 5d!
    Honestly dude, HUGE thanks for the photo advice it's helped me loads and i can't wait to get out there practice my panning technique again!

    No problem at all, i hope it has what the Toyonda needs! Can't wait to see it ripping brother!