20 August 2010

Pic of the Day 20th August - equips...*jaw drops*

"I want these work equips, soooo frickin badddd" And i'm sure all you guys do to! Here's a great pic of a stunning Trueno sporting some work equips straight out of the fitment rule book. Maybe someone could clarify aswell but it looks to me like a run free bumper? Seriously cool hachi anyway, enjoy...



  1. I think thats Imamura's old brown trueno and it deffo looks run free. Awesome car.

    I have a really old video option/tengoku where he is trying to stop Dorikin from hitting the front arches with his pointy finger thingy as they are a bit weak LOL.

  2. Yea i was thinking the same thing dude, definitly does look like imamura's old silky trueno.

    Love the colour though, it's a proper chocolate shade of brown. but those equips keep on drawing me in!