21 August 2010

Pic of the Day 21st August - Ueo Style

Here's a photo of a stunning cream over black trueno which i believe is Ueo's old one pre D1 days. Maybe someone could confirm this?
Either way, its one seriously stunning hachi.




  1. If only I could have found another pair of dori-dori's my arches wouldn't have gotten any wider than that.

  2. what makes you think its UEO james?

    Ueo's was an AE85 and im pretty sure he used the car for d1?

    Again i dont know maybe what you say is right though.

    By looking at the car it seems to belong to LOOKING the bodyshop crew like asayans notch?

  3. To be honest i couldn't remember for certain where i found the photo originally, but i had a feeling it was from an article about Ueo on some website. I found an old video from pre D1 days and Ueo was driving a beige over black trueno with no decals etc which resembled this car. But as i say, i could well be wrong! so any bit of help trying to work it out is appreciated dude:]