31 August 2010

Pic of the Day 31st August - A lesson in building a stunning Levin

Keeping on top of these "Pic of the Day" post's makes me think of two things lately.
1. Just how many awesome corollas are out there.
2. Damn, How fast is this year going?! It's the end of August already and i think this year is turning into the fastest year ever! or at least it feels like it to me.

Anyway, here's a couple of photos of a stunning 86 that i never grow tired of looking at. It is owned by Driftworks & Eight-six.co.uk forum member "JamesAE86" and i really take my hat off to him, he sure does know how to make a good looking corolla!
This car started life as a standard UK 86, but according to his project thread on DW James had dreams of owning a super clean Jap Levin so he went to work on giving it that oem JDM look.
The car works so well, probably due to the attention to detail, probably because of the stunning SSR mesh wheels or probably the hundreds of pounds handed over to Toyota Dealerships for brand new parts? Who knows, but it sure does look awesome and I'm sure you agree.



Loads more photos and info about this stunning 86 can be found HERE on James's Project thread.


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