29 September 2010

3 words... Deep.Corn.Nardi

Ever since my time messing around with old Mini's I've had a thing for posh steering wheels. For my first Mini I bought an incredible Limited Edition, Hand Made Mota-Lita and I've always been looking for another wheel to quench my thirst ever since.
Nardi are seen as a bit of a fan boy thing within the Drifting community over here, but to me they are another company similar to Mota-Lita that are all about high quality, stunning looking wheels. I have always fancied one for the corolla but struggled to find a company within the UK that sold them.
If you have been on Driftworks lately you will have noticed that Phil & James have managed to bag a deal with Nardi to supply them over here so I was pretty much straight on the phone to Mr JimsFactory, Brother Jay to ask him to put my order in.

I picked it up tonight. 350mm Deep corn perforated black leather with red stitching & Black spokes. It's f***ing awesome.


The quality is faultless. Not a single stitch out of place.

I decided to opt for the leather rather than the suede, I think I made the right decision:]

For all you haters out there, If being a fan boy means that you like seriously high quality, stunning steering wheels. Then I'm a big fat fan boy.

Drop by the Driftworks store to grab one for yourself HERE


  1. The box is almost cooler than the wheel!haha leather is much better for road use without gloves thats niiice afterall its prob the most essential part of the car so you want it to feel right

  2. I opted for the 350 rather than the 330 because my current sparco is 350 and the size feels perfect for me. So 350 it is!

    @Kev - aha, i thought that! I'll be keeping the box!
    Definitly, I love the look of suede wheels but without gloves they wear so easy. But the leather looks seriously pimp:]
    Can't wait to be giving it a flick!