8 September 2010

ATTN: The Brother's who have received a first edition Brotherhood sticker!

Righto, Were you one of the lucky sods to receive one of the First Edition brotherhood stickers? If so, I'd love to gather up a selection of pictures from all you guys who have received one and pop them up on here for everyone to see!

So if you have received your Corolla Brotherhood sticker and stuck it to something cool, whatever that was! Shoot me a picture over to CorollaBrotherhood@yahoo.com and i will pop them all up on here!

Here's the first one sent from Brother Ben Morrissey where our Brotherhood sticker is rocking hard along side cluboutrun.net and master of the lens DanielBridlePhotography decals. Hellasupatyteflushyo!
and here's one that got pride of place on the Driftworks Sticker Door and not only that, next to our brothers from eight-six.co.uk decal:]
Stay tuned as well for a feature on Ben's awesome 2 Door that we are hoping to shoot over the next few months!

So, drop me an e-mail with your name, what model corolla you have stuck it to (if you've stuck it to a corolla!) and the photo attached to CorollaBrotherhood@yahoo.com
Thanks people, I look forward to seeing the photos :]


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