2 September 2010

The Legend of C977 AHN

As promised, here's the second installment in the "Legend of.." series! Again these magazine scans are courtesy of friend of the Brotherhood, Simon Joy.
This is an old banzai write up about possibly the most famous corolla in UK drift history, Paz's Trueno (C977AHN).
Here it is in the early days, and with possibly my number one look for this car again roughly 2004 or 2005. Perhaps Paz could confirm?

Anyway, enjoy...



Massive thanks again to si for sending these over.



  1. well it seems the photobucket links arn't working for you guys to view the full size image >:/
    But if you want a copy of these to read, drop me an e-mail to corollabrotherhood@yahoo.com and i can forward you the larger image:] Just for the brothers!

  2. awe shit..j-tuner #1 I have that baby piled in with my Hyper Rev's! The DVD provided hours of entertainmeant!

    Think ill laminate the bitch!