10 September 2010

O'Sullivan returns to home soil and storms Mondello Park

I’ve got a few drivers that I consider my “Favourite’s” within professional drifting and there are a few reasons for that. Whether it is because of their mental driving, being precise & consistent or purely because they drive a freakin’ awesome car!


One of the guys that tick’s pretty much all those boxes for me is Eric O’Sullivan and the car that pretty much pushed him into drifting fame, his old F20c AE86 Levin. That car aided him in winning the 2007 Prodrift championship and then taking him to the US of A to compete in the Red Bull world Drifting championship the following year alongside the likes of Bon Bon, Rhys Millen & Mad Mike.


O’Sullivan has since been competing in Formula D in the Hankook tyres sponsored Subaru but he recently made a return to Irish drifting in Prodrift at Mondello Park ripping in his recently rebuild f20c Corolla. Instead of it's previous guise being the Levin front end, the new car now sports a trueno front. O’Sullivan absolutely dominated the event both topping the qualifying and Top 16 battle’s showing that he still knows how to rip in a corolla!


So big up to Eric on his return to Prodrift, and let’s hope he continues his top form on his return to final rounds of Formula D.

Photo’s lifted from Hankook Ireland Flickr account. Please click HERE to view the whole set from that event.


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