13 September 2010

Pic of the Day 13th September - The one I wish I bought

About a year or so before I bought B92KNR from brother Jay, there was a 2 door Trueno that popped up for sale on Driftworks. I spent a good while umming and ahhing over whether to buy it or not. In the end, i didn't and to be honest, I still can't think why I didn't at the time! It was a pretty good spec trueno, looked pretty good and it was rolling on an awesome set of work equip 03's. Which were worth buying the car for on it's own in my opinion!
But anyway, here's a pic of the car that I should of bought and been driving around in a long time ago.


I know this car got bought and sold a couple of times since I first saw it for sale, but has anyone got any information about it's current where abouts? It seems to have drifted away from the scene(pardon the pun)



  1. I had the 03's off it - did a swap for a set of Comp M0 15x8 ET0. Guy was in the forces I think - not heard of it since - that was when I had the Skyline so its at least 2 years ago. I think Pete Barber had it before him.

  2. ahh, well the time i was thinking of buying it was when pete was selling it, so about 3 years ago possibly?
    judging from what chapman said on FB, im very glad i didn't buy it in the end, rotten car's arn't fun!

  3. that looked awesome but yes rotten cars arent fun nothing quite like watching a car disentegrate around you