15 October 2010

200th Post!!! Pic of the Day 15 October & Update time!

Well here we are already, hitting the 200th Post mark! Hopefully you have seen at least a couple of those posts that are interesting and that's why you guys keep coming back!

Update time:
It's been a busy time here at Brotherhood HQ lately. It's been a mixture of travelling to and from Mallory Park every couple of weeks, shooting some photos, working on cars, hunting down parts for my corolla & trying to find interesting sh** to tell you lot about on here!

Yesterday was a real good day. I took another trip up to Mallory park with fellow brothers, Jay, Paz, Euge and what seemed to be the entire original Driftworks lot. It aimed to be an awesome day, Phil was bringing along the infamous S15, James, Kam & Paz were rolling up in their S14's, Al was ready to enjoy his PS13 that he has been re building over the last few months and ex-Corolla hero Dan Chapman was teaching.

What turned out to be a good surprise that fellow corolla Brother Tony had booked the drift day and was there in his awesome Turbo Trueno! So it seemed a shame not to do a mini feature and grab some shots of his car. We have planned to meet up again soon and hopefully grab some nice statics's and get a nice write up done. So expect that to come over the next few months.

Anyway, here's to days pic of the day & don't forget to drop by with a run down from Thursdays FCD:MP & some photos of Tony's Trueno!

hmmm, stunning SSR Mkii's anyone?


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