6 October 2010

American GT-S on Flickr

Loaded up my computer tonight to find a very welcomed e-mail from the brilliant photographer, Tom Gay telling me about a Flickr account he come across. Once I clicked the link I found myself in US stance photography heaven! With photos of stunning slammed E36 BMW's, MX73 Cressida's and of cause, (the whole reason I got sent the link from Tom) a stunning GT-S AE86.

Unfortunately the user has disabled the downloading of his photos which is understandable, so i can't share them with you. But I highly recommend dropping by their Flickr page to enjoy the photos...

Click HERE!!!!!

Thanks to Tom Gay for forwarding the link over to me.

Tom shoots some awesome photos of Hill climb, Motocross, various motorsports and anything else really! I highly recommend checking out his Flickr page as well....Click HERE for Toms Flickr.


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