30 October 2010

and now for something completely different...

I have been contemplating taking the Corolla Brotherhood further in terms of features & write ups lately. But first of all I wanted to see what you guys (the awesome readers!) think as well?

Obviously, we all have a car life outside of corollas, some of us might not I guess! But I thought it might be good to bring you features on other cars. Now, I have no intention of bringing you features on any old sh**. No stock S14s with a body kit on don't worry! Just cars that stand out from the crowd, have some interesting set up or just plain amazing!

Now, I won't go doing these write ups and features if you guys aren't interested! So let me know what you think, or perhaps what you would like to see and all will be taken on board so I can keep all of the stuff on this site interesting for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing what you all think.

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