4 October 2010

Pic of the Day 4th October - 2010, the faster year in history?!

To be honest I'm still trying to get over the fact it's October already! This year has been a seriously fast one, and the last few months are lining up to be an awesome finish to it all.
I'm very proud to say I become an Uncle in November which is bloody brilliant, best get a booster seat in the corolla! I'll be rolling up to Mallory Park a few more times before the years out, Gran Turismo 5 is out soon and all going well my Corolla will be finished!
All good shit man!

Here's today's pic of the day...
And what better than the Paz & brother Will in the EuroLevin?!



  1. Those pictures of paz, jay and will were the ones that convinced me to get my car to a drift day and get on with it instead of pussying around all the time.


  2. Couldn't agree more mate. I think i went wrong somewhere along the line though. As i still seem to be pussying around.
    I got the bug back now though, so all should be back on track:]

  3. goodline bonnet,goodline front bumper no skirts and standard rear bumper is so full of win,go on the pazz,we need to get this man back in a 86

  4. Don't worry, at the very least i'm making sure he has a rip in mine when complete.

    And yup, it's THE best combination for a corolla:]