17 October 2010

Project Update: Things are starting to look good...

I thought it was about time I gave a small update on how my own Corolla Project is coming along.

I'm still on the hunt for a few small bits to finish off the 4AGE, so in the mean time I decided to carry on with the fun stuff & continued making the car look how I want it. The late bumper with early lip is already standing proud on the car, so the next stage was popping off the side skirts:] So here it is...


One of the things I have never really liked is the black bonnet. At the time painting it satin black was a quick fix as it used to be yellow! But I plan on a full respray once everything is sorted so that will have to wait.


I also realised that while I have been hassling you lot for photos of where you have stuck your Brotherhood stickers, I haven't shown you guys a pic of mine! It represents on my windscreen next to Techno Toy Tuning sticker, this probably isn't the best photo to show it, but I was toying around with a bit of Lindbergh style lens flare!


If you follow the blog on a regular basis you will know that I recently bought a Nardi steering wheel. Well that got fitted a couple of weeks ago so here's a pic of it on the car:] It looks amazing and the quality is unbelievable.


Well to be honest, thats about all I got up to today. But hopefully I will get the bits I need to finish off the 16v and the next update will be a revvin up one:]



  1. Yes!!! lovin the black side lights and the way its a uk car for some reason i think its cos its got history id agree with you on the bonnet whats your plans for sprayin dude?? looks awesome!! what engine bits you need i got a load of spares with my trueno pm me....

  2. well i've got a few ideas for colours rattling around my head. So far I have narrowed it down to these 3...

    Gold - Take it back to it's original colour
    Cream - Just because.
    Satin purple - like a dairy milk wrapper!

    Gold is very tempting though and there is still gold paint underneath the white which is cool! But my mind changes daily.

    @kev - Just some random water housings & stuff. Mainly the one that goes directly behind the water pump, also houses the thermostat. The studs keep on snapping off on mine so rather than battle with it a third time i am just going to try to get a new one!

  3. ah cool your prob better off with the new one id imagine....btw the thoughts of satin purple sounds amazing a can really picture that...

  4. gold. paint it gold. there are hardly any modified gold cars out there. it's a great colour. it's how it should be. do it.

    love from ?