25 October 2010

Team Mouse - Synchronized AE86 drifting at it's best

We all know & love Team Mouse & if you don't, you should.


Team Mouse are an AE86 based drift team in Japan who are famous for there super close team drifting & classic 86 styling. I've been a huge fan of them since first getting into drifting so I figured it was about time I posted some cool photos of the guys for you lot to enjoy.


Here are a couple of examples of their super close team drifting, continually following each other incredibly close with exactly the same line. These guys must trust each other to drive like this!


They also seem to have an soft spot for the 2 door 86 variation making them look immense with no side skirts, wide wheels, pulled or extended arches and duck tail wings. I love these guys!


I'm sure I'll post again with more photos and videos of Team Mouse. But I hope that was a nice post to look at on a Monday afternoon.


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