25 October 2010

Your lives outside of Corolla ownership?

Here's something I think could be interesting. I thought it might be cool to find out what cars other than corolla's you like. Whether it is your daily drive, dream cars or the cars that lead you into corolla's. I wanna know about them!

This is a tough one for me, because my car choice changes on a daily basis. But I love BMW's. E30's, E36's, 2002 turbo's, 3.0csi's anything! I've worked at BMW for the past 4 and a bit years so that could be a key factor in my love of these German armchairs.



I also have an E36 318is as my daily driver. It rolls on coilovers with E36 M3 Evo reversed top mounts and BMW BBS Style 5's from an 8 series (8 & 9j stagger). It's a cool little car and good on fuel being the smaller 1.9 twin cam 16 valve.


There are plenty of other cars I love, but other than corolla's I think BMW's are the biggest influence for me.

So what about you guys? Other than our rusty old Toyota's, what else floats your boat?!



  1. E30's. On my second now. Love them.


  2. I'm not particular when it comes to cars. As long as it's got good mileage and it lasts for keeps, then it's good to go!