3 November 2010

The All new look Corolla Brotherhood sticker is here!

Yup! The batch of new logo stickers has finally arrived and they look dope as the pope!


The new design resembles our "stay classy" style web site header and has been produced using high quality 3 layer vinyl rather than a printed sticker. They are 20cm long and about 6cm tall so perfect to stick on your corolla or anywhere you want! One has been sold to one of the technicians at my work and looks amazing on his Snap-on tool box.

Serving suggestion...


Right, now your wondering how to get your mitts on these bad boys! Well all the details on where & how to pay will be found by clicking the "store" tab at the top of the page.

Prices are £3.75 for 1 sticker including postage or £6 for 2 stickers!

Hope you all like them an I'm looking forward to seeing them on peoples cars!



  1. Cant buy one problems with link

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully we have sorted your stickers out.

    If anyone else is after stickers, please contact me on corollabrotherhood@yahoo.com and I can get it organised for you!