27 November 2010

The Corollas of the Autumn Matsuri

Over the past couple of weeks Speedhunters have been bringing us brilliant photos & write ups of Ebisu's Autumn Matsuri. Going off what the guys have been saying, there wasn't a big corolla turn out this time round compared to the popularity of the spring & summer matsuri's. But I figured I'd post a couple of pics of my favorites from speedhunters! Bit of a lazy post:)

Firing it in:]

Love this Levin, reminds of Chay's old one apart from the wheels.

Apparently these two 86's have been sat in this spot abandoned for years, a common sight over at Ebisu! I'm just surprised all the good bits haven't been ripped off them by other 86 scavengers!


1 comment:

  1. Serious lock on the top trueno!
    And i call a trip to rescue them two abandoned ones.
    One each mate!