9 November 2010

the future...

So you might have caught my post a few days ago about some possible ideas for where to take the brotherhood blog next.
Well I have decided to bring you some features from more than just the world of our small Toyota's. But don't worry! I will make sure there will be no run of the mill body kitted S14's or "stanced" VW's!
I only plan to bring you car's that scream out Awesome! So I'm going to be constantly looking out for cars with a particularly interested look & style, weird and wonderful engine set ups or just plain and simple track missiles! Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading the new features I plan to do, and don't mind some of them not being corollas! As I'm sure a lot of you have interests in cars besides our Toyota's and enjoy reading about other cool shit going on in the motor world :]

Also you may have noticed that there isn't a Pic of the day every single day lately. Basically it's down to the fact I don't want to bore you! So I figured if I bring you a truely awesome pic every few days it would mean a whole lot more.

I hope you've been enjoying the odd guest blog that appears on here as well. So far weve had some brilliant one's from Nightspirit Kenny Lam, Tekno Twinky's Kevin Reilly and the brilliant run down of Mallory Park from Tony Nunn. I hope to bring you more in the future, as it makes for a good read for me too yo!
There will also be another Official Corolla Brotherhood sticker competition! So stay tuned and all will be revealed as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the sound of things to come!

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