24 November 2010

Gaming News: Who'd have thought it, GT5 has been released!

So, who's off to the shops to pick up the latest Polyphony/Sony release? Yup, Gran Turismo 5 has finally been released and went on sale today. If your like me, Gran Turismo games have been the cornerstone of my PlayStation gaming youth so I'm glad to see the release of the latest GT.
I'm not one of these Internet warriors who fight over which is better, PS3 or XBOX 360. I just simply don't care! I just like to play the games I like, plain & simple and the GT series holds a lot of good memories as a kid ripping round suzuka in the Castrol coloured supra!

Mine should hopefully be arriving today as I pre ordered a long time ago! But if your picking up or waiting on your copy to arrive then let's get a GT5 Corolla Brotherhood online community going! Post up you PlayStation online name and we'll go for a rip. Mine is ae86bamber




  1. Yo Bam i got this, i will attempt to add you later so we can rip. PazzaAE86 is my PSN.

  2. Trust them to sneak it out while I've been ripping it at Mallory haha! Haven't got it yet but will, I'm Tony_AE86 (hmmm, there's a trend developing...) so add me!

  3. Any goods? Do I need to buy a PS3 or just power up Forza?

  4. yea get me added dudes, we'll go for a rip.

    @Ian: Personally i like the game, but judging by what a lot of people say on driftworks, a lot don't! But i think its a good game for driving physics and with my G25 wheel its a lot of fun!