2 November 2010

Pic of the Day 2nd November - I love gold

I briefly mentioned this photo/car yesterday when I posted the link to it on speedhunters. But I figured I'd post the pic on here for today's pic of the day.


I'm definitely going back to gold in the new year:] Just imagine. Gold, no side skirts, black late front bumper/early lip combo, Bronze ET:0 TE37's and possible some nice wide SSR MK1s or 2s. THAT'S the look I'm aiming for:]

Great photo again from a photographic hero of mine, Paddy McGrath.



  1. That will be awesome dudeoing gloss with the bumpers?? ive plans to do my car the opposite black with champane gold bumpers...

  2. I think i might stay with the bottom part of the bumpers satin black with the gold top lip part.

    Dude, black with champane bumpers would look truely amazing. DO IT BRO!!