9 December 2010

The Festive Brotherhood Competition!

It's finally here, The Corolla Brotherhood Official festive giveaway!

We still have some of the "Stay Classy" Corolla Brotherhood stickers left, and what better way to get rid of a few that to give some away in a competition!

Seeing as it's the festive season, we want you to send us a pic of you with your corolla looking rather festive and the person with the best photo will be sent a couple of Brotherhood and maybe a few other stickers for free!
Use your imagination, if it's a photo of you doing a skid in a santa suit then so be it! Just be imaginative and send us your photo's to me at corollabrotherhood@yahoo.com and I will post them up for you all to vote.

Get on it, I want to see some funny sh**!


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