21 December 2010

My Photos from 2010

Where to start? Well one thing is for sure, it's been a fast one! So how do I go about summing up a year which seems like it's lasted all of 5 minutes? With some cool photos of a range of car's doing ridiculous stuff that's how!

I've always loved Drifting photography, the cars just seem to jump out of the image more so than any other motor sport in my opinion. Whether it's a capture of a savage tandem drift battle, or just a KE70 dirt dropping at a grassroots practice day it's some I've always wanted to get myself involved in.
About midway through the year I got myself along to the brilliant FCD:MP drift day run by Bob who has done a brilliant job all year running these days.
Loads of Brotherhood friends were there and I was incredibly grateful of photo extraordinaire, Mr Ian G for very kindly lending me his stunning (and expensive!) Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L lens to attach to my 5d mkii and I learnt so much that day. Ian taught me some simple things to help develop my own technique and I couldn't of asked for more. So thanks man!

So on with the photos, these are just a handful of my personal favorite shots from the year. It's difficult to choose, but I have decided to pick the photos that aren't necessarily the best photos technically, but the ones that I still love to look at!




Smokin' Skyrrrrine



Brother Tony


This is one of my favorite photos from the year. Brother Paz running the wires.



Another of my favorites. Brother Jay in the MX5 driving along one of Mallory's straights. But it's the light/rain combo that I love the most!


It's been so hard to pick photos for this little write up, but if you want to browse round some more of my photos then visit my flickr page here
What do I hope 2011 brings? Well hopefully more of the same! I plan to get along to as many of the main UK drifting events and bring you guys some coverage along with some photos from my happy place, Mallory Park.
I have also recently got my hands on one of my all time favorite cameras, The Mamiya M645 1000s Medium format film camera. So I plan to bring you some shots from that with a touch more style.

I hope you enjoyed some of my photos from through the year, I've enjoyed taking them. Thanks for looking.



  1. Great stuff man!

    Had some good times trackside with you in 2010 - lets hope theres more of the same in 2011 :D

  2. Nice work dude, I'll catch up with you in the new year and hopefully we'll get some Corolla twinning around Mallory in!

  3. @ian - Thanks man! Thanks again for advice dude, helped loads!
    Yea had some good times and can't wait for 2011 season to roll up. Hopefully get myself trackside for some higher profile events.

    @Tony - Thanks dude, had a good time shooting your corolla, just gutted that i missed the cone wipeout shot!
    But definitly, sounds too good to miss some 86 twinning. See you there soon man!