3 December 2010

Where I should have been instead of work...

Brother Jay called me up Wednesday night to tell me to get my ass over to the home of early UK drifting, Birmingham Wheels Thursday as some good snow skid fun was to be had. Unfortunately I was giving into the "man" and stuck at work. Judging by the video Driftworks dropped today it looked like it was immense fun. The boys over at Driftworks really do live the dream

Watch the video. Laugh. Get Jealous.

Nightspirit Mid-Day snow drifting.



  1. I'd have happily gone on your behalf man, I already had they day off for Mallory lol!

  2. Any idea on the tunes?

  3. @tony - haha yea bet you would've! Shame about the mallory cancellation, thats why the lads decided on brum wheels skids!

    @rich - not sure, but next time I speak to one of them i'll try to remember to ask