8 January 2011

The First Annual AE86/Retro Toyota Gathering is Here!!!!!

You may remember that I mentioned there are some Big things going down in 2011. Well to start things off I had a message off Brother Chay a few weeks ago mentioning the possibility of organising a big Corolla gathering in 2011. I was real pumped to hear this and in no time I had confirmation from Chay with a date and a venue!
So here it is, confirmation of the First Annual AE86/Retro Toyota Gathering at Ace Cafe London!


We will be looking for as many 86's and old Toyota's as we can. Ace Cafe is a great venue and it will be an awesome event. So make sure you pen this date in your diaries and turn up to THE best 86 event of the year!

If you will be attending reply to this post so we can begin to gather the numbers. Thanks for looking and I'm sure your with me when I say that we can't wait for April 23rd.


Also, BIG props to Chay for getting it together and organising this. The Corolla Brotherhood will do all we can to assist with this and make as great an event as possible!


  1. Also I forgot to add, If you a member of any other forums please post the flyer/poster up and get the word out.
    A good sized handfull of Official Corolla Brotherhood stickers will also be handed out on the day. First come first serve!!

  2. The Driftworks thread with further details:


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