18 January 2011

The Newest Member of the Brotherhood family...

I mentioned at the start of the year that some cool things were going down in 2011. First the announcement of the 1st Annual 86/retro Toyota gathering. Now into stage 2, the announcement of the newest brotherhood family member.

Drum roll.......
Please join me in welcoming, Brother Chaydon Ford to the blog team!

I approached Chay to join the brotherhood blog due to his extremely good taste in all things Toyota and of cause his interest in corollas, which I'm sure he will post about in good time. You will recognise Chay's old 86 as it was a stunning white Levin rolling on SSR mesh and wide arches. But his current weapon of choice is one of my favorite 86's in the country, his N2 arched Trueno previously owned and very well put together by Mr eight-six.co.uk, James Bullock.

I'm looking forward to what Chay brings to the blog and I'm sure you are too. So thanks to Chay for joining the team and here's to more 86life in 2011.


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