10 January 2011

Snapshot - The New Nightspirit 86 is getting closer

If you follow the driftworks forum's often you will have noticed Phil "The Guy" Morrison is currently putting together a rather special 86 Trueno. Well after some real good hard work from Paz, Jay, Steve-o and the rest of the driftworks/nightspirit boys the car is beginning to take shape.
These photos popped up on the forum today of the new blacktop 20v making it's way into the freshly sanded, re welded and painted engine bay. It's cool to see a 86 in the Nightspirit family again, it's how it should be!


Head over to the Project thread on Driftworks to check out some of the amazing work that's been carried out by the lads so far...


(Photo from http://www.driftworks.com/)

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