22 February 2011

Feature - Ben Morrissey's 2 Door AE86

This feature is something myself & Ben have been talking about for a long time, well we finally got around to it.
I first saw Ben’s 86 in the flesh (or metal as the case may be) at the JDM All-stars Donnington event last summer and I loved the style of the car straight away. You will all know by now that I have a small obsession with Late 2 Door’s so seeing Ben’s 86 tucked to the side of Luke Fink’s pit area was a good surprise. At the time the Brotherhood blog was an almost complete idea bouncing around my head but I knew at some point I’d love to do a feature on the car and here we are.


Let’s kick off with the exterior. This car pretty much ticks all the classic 86 styling boxes with a white over black colour scheme running standard Kouki bumpers front & rear and no side skirts. One thing Ben does want to do is get hold of a Zenki front lip and is constantly on the look out for one to finish off the classic look. So if you have an early front lip for sale, be sure to get in touch! A recent addition to the car is the set of SSR Replica’s in 14x7 ET:10 flavour with gold centre’s and polished lips wrapped in 185/60 Yokohama’s up front with Dunlop’s out back which fit the arch real snug and suit the 80’s styling perfectly.


The interior is JDM heaven with the stunning Nardi classic leather steering wheel taking centre stage alongside a rear half cage, Recaro bucket seat and JDM style dildo gear knob.


Keeping the car firmly on the floor is a pair of front coilovers with camber adjustable Cusco top mounts, adjustable caster arms and an adjustable rear panard rod with up-rated rear shocks and springs. Allowing the wheels to light up is a 1.5 way differential which Ben says locks up faster than you can say “Fine Cam Lad”.



It’s a great car, especially as its Ben’s daily drive and I know he has some good plans for the car in the future so we may well be doing another feature on the car in a year or so! Big thanks to Ben for the spec info and letting me grab a few photos of the car at the BDC Licensing day at Silverstone.
Ben would also like to say a massive thanks to corolla brother Damien O'niell for all his help with everything from buying the car, to sourcing parts and supplying endless information.

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