28 February 2011

Feature - Greg's Levin..

Right, so this is my first post for the Brotherhood and thought I’d start off with a bang!

Bit of a background to the story. I met Greg for the first time in a motorway services which was halfway for us as we were exchanging some parts.. I traded some stock Kouki bumpers for a fibreglass kit (which I ended up selling off later anyway.)

Since then we’ve crossed paths at a few other events and everytime we do,his car stands out amongst the crowd... Not by having a lairy kit or huge wheels, but the subtle looks and small touches make it one of the nicest looking Corolla’s in the UK (in my opinion)

Just goes to show, less is most definitely more!

Heres a brief rundown of the cars history:

1986 AE86 Corolla Levin GTV (Imported into the UK in 2008)

It came fitted with a FRP bodykit, lowering springs, LSD, quickshift, HKS airfilter and stainless steel exhaust. The car was his daily driver for a year in this guise and did a few drift days too.

Back then:



In April 2010, the car was taken off the road for its transformation. The bodykit and window tints were removed and the car was mostly stripped in preparation for the respray. Greg then cut out any rust and welded in fresh metal where needed, along with rolling the arches and spending 3 (!) months of spare time prepping the car for spraying. The car was then sent off to be sprayed in the concrete grey you see in the pictures.

Sill repair in progress:


Standard work area shot:


Along the way, a few choice parts were added to the build and this is the complete spec as it stands now:

Standard rear bumper
Standard front bumper with zenki lip and custom indicators
Driftworks CS2 coilovers with adjustable top mounts
Whiteline front arb
Whiteline adjustable pan rod
Front and rear strut braces
LSD (make unknown)
Stainless steel exhaust
HKS airfilter
25 mm spacers front and rear







Greg’s future plans for the car are an engine bay respray and loom tidy/tuck as well as a rollcage.. and attending as many drift and trackdays as possible.

If you scan this vid, you can spot Greg ripping it up at Teeside..

Thats it for my first post, hope you liked the feature and hopefully more will follow!


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  1. Real good read about a real nice Levin! Thanks for that one Chay, and I look forward to seeign more of your car Greg soon!