1 February 2011

Snapshot - GripHunting

Stumbled across this photo on Club4AG if I remember correctly. Pretty interesting looking GT-S 86, finely tuned for Grip. I like the minor things that have been tweaked purely to find those extra few tenths of a second. Pretty cool cage as well!

If you have any more info on the car I'd love to hear about it, drop us an e-mail at corollabrotherhood@yahoo.com
Oh & just to add, we've reached 190 members on our Facebook group! Which is pretty cool, let's get to 200 as soon as possible!



  1. Also known as Kevlar corolla

  2. "the minor things that have been tweaked"

    All that's left of the original chassis is the floor-pan, firewall and A-pillars XD The body panels are composite and hang off the cage which is essentially a space frame.

    ( http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o50/kevlarcorolla/ )