3 February 2011

Some Great Memories from Teeside 2007

Had a real nice surprise tonight which does mean Unfortunately for you this post will have a lot of reminiscing but hopefully you won't mind! I decided to go through some photos on my old PC and found the folder full of photos from the 2007 Teeside Night Fight. So many awesome memories flooded straight back to me about that event and it was great going through the pictures so I thought it would be good to give a little run down of the weekend to go with the photos.


Straight after finishing work on a Friday night myself & Brother Jay began the drive up north in the legendary old Transportatron 3000 transit with the Corolla on the back. One funny thing I clearly remember from the journey there was the food, why do I clearly remember this your wondering? Well because it was a 20 inch diameter Pizza with enough meat on it to make all the vegetarians in the world pass out between two of us and I think I'm still trying to recover from it 4 years on!!


With a quick stop off at the old Driftworks HQ where we found BonBon still working on the Chaser getting it ready for the event we headed up to the hotel near the track to meet Brother Paz & Laura.


I had been to a couple of previous Drift events like the old EDC but there was something about the charm of a Teeside drift weekend that was different. Whether it was incredible track or the atmosphere, who knows one things a certain, everyone loved it. These Night Fight events were the beginnings of the JDM Allstars series that we know of now and it was a good sign of things to come in UK drifting.


Saturday morning soon came around and after a quick stop off for fuel we were at Teeside and Practice was in full flow. Unfortunately Jay was suffering from a blown Water Pump early on in the morning and battled to source one from a local scrap yard through most of the day. Luckily he still managed to lay down a few savage runs around the tighter practice circuit. These were also the days when Dan Chapman ran his awesome Levin GT-V and together with Paz & Jay did some brilliant 86 triple drift runs which well and truly secured the AE86 as a serious obsession for me, and here we are today!


Probably the main thing I remember from this event was Paz in the much loved old Red Trueno. Watching Paz run the Teeside course was for me like watching Ali fight Foreman. Watching the old 16v scream it's way around the track pulling mental angle and speed was a brilliant sight. That car has to be one of the UK's top drift cars of all time and probably made a lot of people like myself love 86's.


As for my photos, at the time I had my Canon 350d with the crap kit lens but it was the first time I'd attempted to get photos of Drifting and had an awesome time. I also never used to have photo shop on my old PC so I have began to actually edit the photos! 4 years late, but better than never eh!


I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I did.



  1. The remaining photos can be found on my flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesgascoignephotography/sets/72157625969529372/

  2. Thanks for the love bam! Im all embarrased lol!
    One of the best events i can ever remember!

    Cheers for doing the pics dude!

  3. Where's pics of me fuckers?

  4. haha sorry man! I need to rep more of the Doricar Methinks!