4 February 2011

A spot more reminiscing...

Whilst rummaging through old photos last night I found another great folder. This time full of photos of Brotherhood contributor Ad's red KE70. The photos are bloody awful I admit, but I thought it would be cool to show you guys one of Ad's Cars.


He had not long bought the car when these photos were taken, but the journey collecting it was an experience we probably won't forget! Ad, myself & the Paz had the long drive to collect the KE from Brother Jerry down at the Army Barracks he was stationed at.


All I remember was Jerry showing us round the immensely cool (mainly American soldier filled) barracks, being asked to wear our seat belts by a guy holding a M4 Rifle (or some other massive gun). Being stopped by the police but having to hide the fact the car had two very bald tires, getting incredibly lost on the way back resulting in being ridiculously late home with work the next morning. All worth it though, KE70 with a 16v 4AGZE? yup, I thought you all might agree!


Again, apologies for the bad photos. Thats down to my crap photography ability around that time!


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