25 February 2011

Video Roll - An "Interesting" Moment

If you have been to Mallory Park you will know that the Devils Elbow is probably the scariest corner. Fast left hander over the brow of a hill with a horrid off camber, I know I'm scared of it! On the classic "One more Lap" time of the day I jumped in with Tony Nunn in his awesome 4ag Turbo 86 for one more rip before time was called. Tony was attacking everything, but I think the time come when the little 86 wasn't friends with the track surface anymore and they both had a disagreement.
It was a funny, but "interesting" moment shall we say. But we both lived and the car ran fine after:] It's all good!

I don't want this video to take anything away from Tony's driving as I was blown away. Maximum attack and awesome steering wheel flicking technique, you Sir know how to deal with an 86! Thanks for having me in the passenger seat.



  1. tony is one hell of a driver! credit to him for keeping it together there

  2. Aww shucks, thanks guys! We thought it was gonna stay straight and come back but that pesky man hole cover had other ideas and launched the car lol!

  3. I can't wait to have a rip round there (once I finish a car), iv only been round a few times with Jay but that corner is the one I fear the most for when I grow some and have a go.

  4. Wooow.. thought it was going to flip in that gravel trap.