28 March 2011

and now for something completely different

How would you guys like to see some features of cars that aren't corollas? Blasphemous I know! I think I've asked before but can't remember what you guys thought.

I'm not talking your normal body kitted Nissan's here though don't worry, you know me better than that. I'm talking serious machines like Kenny Lam's JZX100 that I shot some film photos(yes people do still use film!) of recently for example. What do YOU want to read? I definitely welcome your comments on this one as at the end of the day I only want to write about the stuff that you guys wanna read! So let's hear it :)...




  1. If it's something built, not just a bunch of bolt-on parts. Then go for it!

  2. whats wrong with "just" bolt on parts?? cant stand that sh*t a car is cool based on how its driven and how the owner sees it/uses it for lack of a better way of putting it if it has "soul" in the owners eyes....a feat of engineering doesnt always equate to something genuinely cool.....yea james im on for new things as i have a major fetish for 4 doors :p

  3. I never knew there are people who still use film to get photographs. I actually appreciate these more than digital images. BTW, I wanna read more about classic cars and abandoned cars! Hehe!