27 March 2011

D-Mac's New 86 gets a shakedown

Darren McNamara's new 86 build has caused quite a stir over on Speedhunters, and It's understandable why that is. Running huge N2 style over fenders, a mazda rotary motor, big Work Meister rims, big wing. D-Mac's gone Big on this one that's fo' sure. The car's just been pretty much finished and off it went for it's first shakedown. Speedhunters mega talent, Paddy McGrath was there to capture it and here's a couple of pics from their site. http://www.speedhunters.com/


I personally love the car, I think it's ridiculous and I love things that are ridiculous! I'm more than sure a lot of people winced when they saw it as it's obvious Darren has pushed the boundaries with the build. But he's obviously been  lucky enough to be able to build a reality of something that was just a crazy idea in his head, I'm sure that's something we all would love to have the ability/money to do. Fair play to you brother! One thing that does hurt my eyes is the roof skin, hmmm. All in the aid of the rear mounted cooling system though.


Head over to http://www.speedhunters.com/ for all of the build updates, photos and desktops.



Image source. Paddy McGrath of http://www.speedhunters.com/

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