13 March 2011

Japan Tsunami Appeal by the Red Cross

Im sure everyone is well aware of the horrific tragedy which has befallen Japan.

The tsunami formed as a result of the magnitude 8.9 earthquake off the coast.
This has resulted in the death's of thousands with many more still missing, as well as untold damage to the infrastructure.

While we may be thousands of miles away from the destruction, we can help.
The Red Cross is urgently appealing for donations to help towards the efforts in the wake of this tragedy.

Any donations, no matter how big or small are appreciated.

Remember that there are brothers out in Japan who share our passion for their Corolla's who could really use our help. Their issues run far deeper than a broken car, they have their lives to rebuild following on from this horrific event.

I will be going round with a collection box at the 86 meet in April at Ace Cafe to collect any spare change you may have to donate to the Red Cross.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Japan. Stay safe.

Red Cross Tsunami Appeal


  1. Great post Chay. I've been trying to think of a way we could at least put forward our help however small it may be, but have been struggling to think of something. So great Idea Dude, I'm sure everyone will be willing to spare some money's for this.

  2. Good Job Chay, Being reading Story's from People who were out there on forums i visit. It was like watching something out of Hollywood.

    Please Give!