13 March 2011

Need some help from my Brothers...

My right foot is itching after some recent work on my corolla shows signs that it's VERY close to ripping. But, there are a couple more hurdles to jump and I need some help from my fellow brothers!

I need a copy of a LATE car wiring diagram. I have the early one but due to swapping dash/engine loom to late spec I need the Late diagrams! So if you have this on your computer on PDF file or anything pleasssee send it over to me at corollabrotherhood@yahoo.com and I will be forever grateful.

Failing that, If you have the loom that runs from the dash loom and down the right hand flitch, across the front of the car(to lights etc) and up to the ignition coil for a LATE spec car spare then this will also help a huge amount.

Can't wait to hear off you's lot!! As then I'll be driving my car:]


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