19 April 2011

Ace Cafe Updates..

Hey guys,

Quick update for the meet this weekend.

Looks like its going to be a great Saturday, the weather forecast looks promising and a decent turnout too!

The times for the meet have been adjusted because of another meet taking place later that evening. So it will start at 11 as planned but finish at 4, not at 6. In light of this, Bam, James (eight-six) and I have elected to do a drive out to a country pub to make the most of the daylight hours. The pub chosen is the Jolly Woodman near Marlow, around 30 min drive from Ace Cafe.

There are some decent roads around that area too so will allow for some "spirited" driving.

Have a look see...

Jolly Woodman on Googlemaps
Jolly Woodman Homepage

Hope most of you attending the meet can make it out there!

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