23 April 2011

Car Spotlight - The Driftworks S15 unveils it's fresh new look

The team at Driftworks decided to try something a little different when it came to designing the 2011 livery for their infamous 2JZ powered S15 Silvia.


Instead of plucking the idea from their own heads, they left it up to the Driftworks Forum members to get creative and it worked out perfectly.


With some great entries from loads of forum members it was decided this was the winning design. Playing on classic Driftworks logos and colours It couldn't have been made any better! I managed to grab five minutes with the car during lunch at BDC Round One to capture it's new look for you guys to see.


It's a case of business up front, party out back. With it's black front end, and deep orange rear. Something that certainly works out on track.


Due to 2011 being the year of DW’s own Awesome Fest in July taking main stage on the car is a super shiney Awesome Fest Decal which stands out a mile off!


As you can see, the car looks simply stunning in full manfoot mode courtesy of its Pilot, Phil Morrison.



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  1. It looks pretty sick...even more so through your cameras evil eye.