18 April 2011

Exclusivity is the key

The all new Brotherhood sticker has landed with an awesome design courtesy of JimsFactory and it's an exclusive one folks. Why I hear you ask? Well, because ONLY 20 have been made! The ONLY way you can get hold of one is to get yourself to the 1st Annual 86/retro Toyota Meet on Saturday at the Ace Cafe London!
Only 20 have been made, and it's first come first serve! Be one of the first 20 86's/KE70's/KPs/Retro Toyota's and get your Ace Cafe/Corolla Brotherhood sticker fo'FREE!!


It saddens me a hell of a lot to say that I won't be there to hand these stickers out myself due to previous commitments which are impossible to change on the day. But good Brother Chay will be there to hand the exclusive sticker to the first 20 cars to turn up! Looking forward to seeing the lucky 20 cars rocking this sticker!



  1. lucky me, 2 86's... 2 stickers yo!

  2. its super expensive to go to the meet and my 4age isnt so healthy

  3. Man that sucks,wish i wasn't on the otherside of the pond,cause i really want one of these stickers