2 April 2011

Testing, Testing, 1, 2..

It's that time again for the short blast up the motorway to Mallory Park for another Full Circuit Drift day. Deftones firing out the speakers of my E36 I knew it was going to be another amazing day.


This day was set to be a bit of a shakedown session for a few of the drivers attending. Most notably was probably Team Green's Phil Maclachlan in his truly mental LS1 powered PS13. Unfortunately he suffered with a number of brake & steering issues so couldn't unleash the full fury of the V8 but he did treat us to a couple of blips of the throttle whilst driving past. I was happy with that, it really is a beautiful noise.


I'm sure this car will make a lot of people whinge on the interweb in regards to it's styling, but damn has it got presence on the track. It must be a intimidating view in the rear mirror. Another Driver getting to grips with a few off season tweaks was Sid Crowfoot in his Nissan Laurel now sporting a TD05 18g Turbo and Jesus did that thing rip! Sid has always been one of my favorite UK drivers ever since the watching his old Volvo tear up Teeside in 2007 and he really seems to be giving this Laurel everything with some of the smokiest and loudest runs of the day.


As ever, a few members of the Nightspirit family were present with Paz, Jay, Phil & Mike all ready to make the most of the full circuit drifting on offer. Paz & Phil were also pulling some incredible battles out of the bag along with Jay & Al in an immense Miata battle which really was awesome to watch!


I like to call FCD:MP the Mallory Social as every ones there just to enjoy the drifting and chill out, it's an awesome atmosphere worth making the trip there for!


I'm going to stop chatting rubbish now and leave with a few of my photos. Hope you enjoy!




For more of my photos from the day, here's the link to the set on my Flickr


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