3 April 2011

Video Roll - Tuner UK @ Drift Central 2007

Myself and Mr Ian G were talking about the old drift central and the two video's I posted up a week or so ago. Well I remembered one video with cool bits of footage from most of the guys on the day including Mr G himself which I hadn't seen in agessss. Luckily for me, Ian still had this video and has uploaded it to the Tube for our viewing pleasure!

Stand out sections:
Ian G - 2:28 - 3:18   Good schmokes brother!
Mr Paz - 4:41 - 5:58, 6:55 - 8:00, 9:38 - 11:45, 12:05 - 13:12, 13:40 - 14:01    The throttle control & noises are just amazing! and check out the enkei barrell's in the 12:05 section, Such a cool looking wheel.
Jay - 5:58 - 6:25, 11:45 - 12:05   20v Power!

Just watch it all, it's a classic.

Massive thanks to Ian G for uploading this to you tube!


1 comment:

  1. brap brap - tap tap. I love the sound of the throttle stop clacking away as the brother stays at maximum beans for as much of the time as possible :D