20 May 2011

Back in the saddle

I had big plans for this write up, but after a rather interesting day at this months installment of Full Circuit Drifting at Mallory Park things didn't pan out exactly as we planned. More of that later...


As some of you may or may not know, Corolla UK veteran Chris "Paz" Parry has finally found himself back in the saddle of an old rusty Toyota. After the unfortunate end of his infamous AE86 Trueno at a round of EDC at Santa Pod a few years back, Paz has been trying his hand at a few different cars to fill the void ever since.


Most recently being a cool S14 rocking Driftworks Geomaster hubs allowing for some truely unreal steering angle. But the time finally came where the Twin Cam warp was just too much to put off for any longer and he picked up a cool Corolla KE70 with full AE86 running gear a couple of weeks ago. Much rejoicing commenced in the Corolla community knowing Paz was back where he belonged, behind the wheel of a 4AGE powered corolla!


We had planned to shoot a load of statics & action shots at the brilliant Mallory Park circuit to give you guys & gals a full feature on this brilliant little Toyota. Unfortunately after only a few sessions out on track a stone flicked up from a leading car made mince meat of the unlaminated 1980's windscreen resulting in the end of the days track fun and my plans for the statics at the end of the day. But fear not, I did manage to grab a handful of pics of the car on it's morning trips around Mallory which I had to share with you.


Once a fresh screen is sorted we are planning to bring you the full feature on the car so sit tight and I hope these very mediocre (I was having a 'off' day with the camera) pictures do for the time being!


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  1. Awesome
    The pics look good Bam, I like the bottom one looks like the cars just about to go warp speed.