29 June 2011

Stolen: French Trueno Coupe

Some of you that came to the Ace Cafe meet back in April had the chance to meet Henri, who drove all the way from the French Alps to take part.

Unfortunatey Henri's Panda Trueno Coupe was stolen yesterday. While the likelyhood of one someone reading this blog may see the car is slim, the odds of parts being sold on through forums or at events is far greater. Henri has given us a spec list and a few photos of the car to go from so if you do suspect any of the parts you hear about could be from his car, please let us know. After all, how would YOU feel if you knew people had the chance to speak up but instead bought dirty parts?


VIN / AE860157876

Red Top HC, with 256 hks camshafts and T3 plate on exedy clutch

TRD red wires and blue silicon hoses everywhere.

Cusco strut front bar and Tougeworks rear

standard gearbox T50, rear axle with 2way Kaas LSD

Braided brake hose all round, Black diamond disk on mintex pads

4 coilovers around, D2 coils, Tein springs and Tokiko dampers

TRD mounting, bushes, anti roll bar front and rear

SS jasma manifold, and SS no brand exhaust line

Hayashi street wheels : 8x13 et -5 front and 9,5 ET -23 rear, on falken 912 185/70/15 around, the spare wheel is standard one

Standard interior except Veilside gear knob and Nardi deepdish silver with nardi button.



  1. I hear a news from CNN that some stolen vehicles found their way to Some African countries. Some found in Asia. Vehicles that are stolen were cannibalize to be sell in parts. This is something we do not like too see.

  2. This car still looks lively and kicking! My brother once owned a Trueno, but he had to sell it when he got married. So if you're a bachelor and you want to buy a vintage car, then a Trueno is perfect for you.