3 July 2011

BDC Round Three Man of the hour

Well I'm back fresh from the third round of the British Drift Championship at the legendary Teesside Autodrome and WHAT an event it was, but specifically for us Corolla Brother's.
Even though I am sat here still picking bits of tyre off my face I had to edit at least one photo and post it up to announce the awesome news that KE70 driver Marc Huxley pulled off an incredible weekend's drifting both qualifying first in Semi Pro then taking the win in the Top 16 today! It was truly amazing to watch and everyone in the crowd was loving watching the little E chassis tear round the brilliant Teesside track.


Teesside has a certain vibe to it that seems to fair well for our much loved E Chassis corollas, and all of it was on Marc's side this weekend.

On a sad note due to Marc's key sponsor dropping out he isn't able to complete any further BDC rounds which I'm sure you'll agree just can't happen. So stay tuned on the Corolla Brotherhood as I am currently planning the "Help a Brother" campaign to get that KE70 back to fight another Nissan!

(Full Round Three report coming soon)


  1. Yes!!! Huxley deserves to be competing!!

  2. Definitely! I'll be dropping you a FB message soon Mr Chunk to see what you think of the "Help a Brother" Plans!

  3. Fucking good effort Hux!!!
    Give us a shout if there's anything I can do to help keep him rolling!

  4. nice man...keep on doing drifting..... corolla for life